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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interior tour

From Glenda:
3 more days before launch. Tom has tolerated my amenities. But a womans touch is always needed. I am very pleased with my color choices for the privacy curtains and given it is such a small space, I am pleased with the design for the head and the galley area. Thanks to our friends Marvin and Belinda our sleeping/lounge area is also well appointed :) The sink is a regular stainless steel bowl Tom adapted and plumbed. The countertop stands up when the head is needed and the privacy curtain is pulled. The bench seating lays out at night for sleeping. (for a rather slim person) We have added removeable screens to put up at night. Hopefully that will deter at least some of the bugs. Truthfully I think Abby and I will spend most of our time out on the cockpit looking for animals and historical sites.


  1. Nice job....think about a wind scoop for ventilation at night at anchor...makes all the difference in the world...

  2. Oh my goodness, reading this put such a smile on my face. I love it! You guys already had such a great story, I look forward to hearing more as you continue to come up with such things to do. Thank you for the blog address. Genius!