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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bailey's First Overnight... Thursday, 4-2-15

We slept good last night and left the marina about 8:15. I had replaced the fuel filter last night, hoping that a new one would solve the erratic engine problem that we had yesterday when the motor quit on us (temporarily) twice. When we cranked it up this morning all seemed well. We rode until almost 2:00 in the afternoon, and were rewarded with lots of nature, as you can see from our pictures. 

Bailey says:
Driving the boat was fun! I saw my first snake in the wild. It was a water moccasin! I don't like water moccasins that much, but they are cool. I saw a fox squirrel! It was colored like a fox, and it lived in a tree by the river. That was the first time I'd seen one of those kinds of squirrels. I saw lots of birds too. We saw purple and yellow flowers that were really pretty. We rode in the boat to Rattlesnake Bend and back to the marina. I saw an old boat against the bank, that was all beat up. Then we went to get lunch. I ate catfish and hush puppies. It was good! Then we rode in the truck to see the hay art. It was awesome! When we got back to the marina, we saw some deer at the edge of the trees. Back at the marina we walked around the pier and looked at boats.

Glenda says:
It was a very pleasant night of sleeping.  The air temp was just about right.  I woke up several times in the night.  I could hear the tugs passing in the night and even though the dock is protected from the river itself the tugs caused the boat the sway slightly.  Tom made a macdonalds run for breakfast and then we were off for the day's adventure.  It was fun to see the fox squirrel and the water moccasin.  I saw a huge gar jump up out of the water but it was too fast to get a photo.  There is a lot of debris in the water, I guess from the melting snow up north.  We kept hitting sticks.  I particularlly enjoyed seeing the beautiful spring colors.  The purple wisteria, the beautiful red buds and the simple but lovely honeysuckle.  I could see the dogwoods sprinkled throughout the woods as we puttered along.  Spring is a wonderful time to remember the hope given to us so freely in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We are relaxing now and getting ready for the final night of this special trip with Bailey.  

Bailey's First Overnight Boat Trip

Bailey, our 6 year old granddaughter had been on the tug boat for a short day trip, but never spent the night aboard, so we took her to Demopolis to spend a couple of days on the river. We trailered the tug down on Wednesday morning and checked in at the marina, filled the gas tank and got ice for the cooler. After docking in our slip, we got some lunch and cruised the river.

Bailey says:
I am so excited to take my first sleeping boat trip!   I really liked looking at the birds.  I saw some really pretty trees,some pretty yellow flowers and turtles.  I liked the waves when other boats went by because they made the boat go up and down!  I can't wait to go to bed because the bed feels silky.  

Glenda says:
We headed down to Demopolis this morning with our 6 year old grand-daughter, Bailey.  She is a pistol!!! Nonstop fun!  I'm not sure how the 2 days is going to go since the motor is acting up for some reason.  Tom is extraordinarily cautious so we may no get far from the marina.  But thats ok Bailey is having a blast.  The key word for G.G. For the next 2 days however is "patience"😊.  We enjoyed a few miles down the river after a nice lunch at "smokin joes" bbq.  Made a Walmart and cvs run when we got back.  Then comes the chore of getting everybody and everything settled for the night.  I'm really looking forward to spending more of my time on the river.  

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