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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday June 26, 2012. Headed Home.

Tuesday June 26, 2012.

Jay Landing is in the heart of a heavy industrial area, and the noise made it hard to  get to sleep last night. We woke early and decided to get a head-start on our trip back upstream to Ditto Marina. Our ice was running low, but the office here at Jay Landing would not be open until 9 o'clock, and there was not guarantee that they even had ice. Although everyone here was very friendly, overall the marina was a disappointment. The bath/showers did not appear to get much use (or cleaning). One positive was a good wi-fi connection.

Jay Landing marina and campground. 

We pulled away from our slip about 6:00 am and headed east. We were going to to stop at the Riverfront marina and see if the office was open so we could get ice, but as we passed the city harbor and boat ramps, I saw a self-service ice machine across the yard beside the highway. We pulled in behind the Pickwick Belle riverboat and walked to the ice machine. I was pulling out my wallet when I saw a sign on the machine, "Free Ice Today, Limit Two Please". I'm not sure what the deal was, but I got a free bag of ice and carried it back to the boat. Looks like a good day already!

Just in case you ever asked yourself "Where does Meow Mix come from?"

We were headed upstream and against the wind all day today, and I kept the engine about 4,000 rpm just to maintain a speed of a little over 5 mph. This was the hardest we'd push the little Yamaha on this trip, and I wondered how it would affect the gas mileage when I filled up.

The weather was great today. There was a good breeze through the windows, and the humidity was low. We saw quite a few more boats out today, compared to yesterday, but it was still pretty quiet. We made it to Ditto marina where our truck was parked at about 12:30 and pulled up to the fuel dock, where the tank held 8.8 gallons. A quick check on my phone calculator revealed we'd gotten 15.6 mpg since the last fill up! It appears that by reducing my speed to between 5 and 5 1/2 mph, I got about a 3 mile per gallon savings. Not earth shattering, but good to know if we ever get in a situation where we need to conserve gas to avoid running out.
Can you spell RELAXED?

There were noticeably more boats on the water today than yesterday.

After settling up with the cashier for gas, and the transient slip and ice we got on Sunday night, Glenda and I pulled the boat out of the water and headed home, stopping at Cracker Barrel for lunch. This was a really good trip - no real agenda, and a short daily mileage plan made for a relaxing 4 days.

Glenda Says:
We slept pretty good again last night.  Despite the heat from the day, after the sun went down it got quite comfortable.  During the night I actually sought out my jersey sheet.   We have slept every night with the door open and only the screen up.  This worked very well with airflow.  The manager at Jays Landing was very accommodating and it was nice to have a shower.  But I felt a little too much like I was upsetting a communities routine, so I was not quite comfortable there.

We woke early and after a quick cup of instant coffee we decided to head out.  The wind was cool this morning and it felt nice and relaxing out on the cockpit.  Tom was in a good humor due to the free ice and Daisy is just happy to be here.  The trip back to Ditto landing was pleasant.  I think we need to plan a few more of these kind of trips.

 By the way if anyone out there is reading this blog trying to decide if this type of cruising is for you feel free to e-mail me any questions.  I don't know much about logistics but I can tell you my experiences, mistakes and successes!

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