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Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov. 9, 2012 - Demopolis, AL

Tom says:
Glenda and I trailered Knot-So-Fast to the Demopolis Yacht Basin this morning, for a few days of leisure cruising on the Tenn-Tom waterway and Black Warrior rivers.

We launched about 9:15 am and checked in at the marina, parked the trailer on thier storage lot and headed upriver. We traveled north to Rattlesnake Bend, a loop off the main channel that meanders for about 8 or 10 miles before reconnecting about a mile north of the point where it split. This was a quiet, peaceful trip, and Glenda says the leaves are really showing off their colors!

Coming back south, we passed the marina and went to Foscue Creek campground and the Demopolis lock and dam, just to get a look at them. When we got back we talked with a couple who trailered their 27' C-Dory from New Mexico to Kentucky, where they started on the "Great Loop". They are leaving tomorrow headed South, and I'm hoping we can lock through with them at the dam.

We put a total of about 31 miles on the boat today, at an average speed of 5.2 mph. The weather was a little cool, but sunny and pretty comfortable overall. As I write this the temperature is dropping pretty fast, though. I did find a 30amp adapter on e-bay though, so we can plug in our little heater if we need to.

One of a thousand views we had of the leaf colors.

view to the west of the marina at sunset.

Tranquilo, on a stop during the Great Loop adventure. Makes us a little jealous!!

Glenda Says:
He was unconcerned about his photo op.

Glover Mausoleum, Tom's grandmother was a Glover, wonder if they are related
Boy do I need this trip!  So far it is working well.Its time for me to get a dose of the wonders of God.  I seem to forget how powerful he is too often.  The leaves are beautiful!  I hope to add more pictures but it won't be the same for you if you're not here.  We did get to see a couple of very large hawks and lots of water birds.  The turtles were also taking advantage of the sunshine.  Demopolis is a very historic town and you can see some of the sites from the water.  I am looking forward to seeing dinosaur fossils tomorrow.  So far the chill has not bothered me much but its not bedtime yet.  Daisy is doing well as usual, she just wants to be wherever we are.  You know, its nice to be loved!

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