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Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011 - Gulf Breeze to Ft. Walton

This was one of only a few other boats on the Sound this morning.
 We left Gulf Breeze at about 8:00 this morning, headed East toward Ft. Walton. The water was dead calm and the sky was clear blue, and we had Santa Rosa Sound almost to ourselves most of the day. We passed a tug pushing barges early in the morning, and then only saw two or three other boats until around noon.

Bridge to the beach. The old (lower) bridge sections are now fishing piers.

Abby got a lot of "wheel" time. She's becoming a pretty good Captain.
Glenda is still fighting a virus or head cold, and took to the V-berth several times today to nap. Abby took the wheel for 2 watches of about an hour each, and really did great. She even took us under the Navarre Beach Bridge. I was standing by her side, but I didn't have to pitch in to help at all!!!

We saw several nests of Ospreys today, and although we never saw any chicks, the mom and dad ospreys looked like they were attending to babies, by thier actions at the nests.

We also saw several dolphin, and had a couple of them follow alongside the boat for a short distance.

Abby and I took a break while Glenda was at the wheel.

Abby "posing" with Daisy.
We are staying tonight at the "Landing", a city park in Ft. Walton. I had called ahead and gotten permission to dock overnight here. The park is really great and within walking distance of several restaurants and a Publix. We got here in time to visit the children's science museum, which was a little dated but still lots of fun.

Abby and I walked to Publix and got a bucket of chicken and we had a picnic. Everyone want to know about the boat and our trip, and it's really fun to see the children get excited when they see the little tug. (Glenda says that's cause I'm still a kid at heart.)

The Landing park was great, and docking was free with prior approval!

The rain forcast has been moved to Tuesday, so we'll head back West in the morning and stay somewhere near Pensacola again.

Abby and a rare giant "Park Pelican".

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  1. Tom, your killing me with these trips. Still hunkered down up here in Illinois waiting for decent weather. As I type this is is 36 degrees! And you are down there cruising in short sleve shirts.

    Sure looks like you are enjoying Knot So Fast.