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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011. The End of Our Trip, and a Few Notes

Sunrise from the Barber Marina deck. Glenda and Abby slept through this!

The night was peaceful and quiet at Barber Marina and we slept great. I got up about 6:00 and watched the sun come up and a dolpin play in front of the marina. Glenda and Abby slept in.

At the marina, we met a couple from Tuscaloosa and thier 9 year old daughter. They had chartered a 33' sailboat and had spent the last few days sailing in Alabama and Florida. They offered some TheraFlu for Glenda's cold, which was greatly appreciated.

We also met Tim and Pamela Pennington, who live on their BEAUTIFUL home-built sailboat the "Pamela Ann". They spent 10 years building thier boat and have been living aboard her for 10 years. They told me of plans to transit the Panama Canal next winter and then go up the West coast to Alaska. Tim said they are working on a book of their travels and he hopes to get it published. After talking with them for just a few minutes, I can't wait to read their book!

"Pamela Ann", built by owners Tim and Pamela Pennington.

We pulled out of Barber Marina this morning at 9:00, and made the short trip to the boat ramp under the Hwy. 59 bridge in Gulf Shores. There we pulled the boat out onto her trailer and ended this little adventure.

We love seeing the osprey's. This one didn't seem to care that we got prettly clost to him.

Here are some figures for the trip:

Time:                 Five days, four nights
Total Mileage:   154
Avg. MPG:       11.18 (This is slightly lower than the 13.2 mpg I got previously. On this trip we ran about   
                         1/2 mph faster. On the next tank of gas, I will run slower, about 5.5 mph, and see how
                         much difference there is).


  1. Awesome lil trip yawl had there!!! I really enjoyed the read and look forward to the next one. :-)


  2. Awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tom, Nice to meet you, Glenda and Abby on your travels. We left Barbers about 10:30 and made it safely back to Pensacola that afternoon. I look forward to keeping up with your travels.

    Robert, Lynda and Anna Katelyn

  4. Mr. Smitherman -- We met Tim & Pam Pennington in Key West a few days ago (12/26/12). Tim regaled us with some pretty good stories -- including about the book in (barely) progress. He gave us a card so that we could "stay in touch." Well, their website is not to be found! I guess I'm not really surprised. They may not want to be found! Anyway, have you had any further contact with them? BTW, the Pamela Ann still looks great -- Pam was working on her while Tim talked. They were getting ready to set sail for Mexico.


    Bob Evans

    1. Thanks for the update Bob. The manager at Barber Marina told me a few weeks ago that Tim and Pam were in Key West, but I've had no contact with them.