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Saturday, March 16, 2013

3-16-13, Gulf Shores to FL line

Glenda, Abby and I trailered the Knot-So-Fast to Gulf Shores this morning, and after waiting about 30 minutes at the (very crowded) boat ramp under the Hwy. 59 bridge, we launched into the ICW and docked 100 yards East at Tacky Jacks restaurant where my brother Clay, his wife Stephanie and son Owen, along with our son Nathan and daughter-in-law Nicole were waiting for us.
After a nice lunch and visit, we cast off headed for Ft. Walton, only to realize about a mile away that I'd forgotten to get the i-pad out of the truck! Clay was about to leave, taking the truck to our beach house when we called him. He met us back at the ramp and after a slow pass and grab manuever we had the i-pad and were on our way again.

The i-pad was important for the trip, as my Garmin nautical charts and navigation software, containing phone numbers and detailed information about marinas and anchorages, was all loaded on it. (The "Active Captain" app has already proven it worth it's weight in gold).

We pulled away from the launch just about 1/4 mile ahead of a tug, the St. Padro Pio, pushing barges loaded with coal. We stayed just ahead of him for the next 15 miles or so, but as we got closer to the "narrows" section of the ICW, he was gaining on us slightly, so I pulled out of the channel and stopped to let him get ahead of me. I didn't want to get caught in the narrows if he caught up and needed to pass us. We stayed behind, just far enough to avoid his turbulance, until we got to the Oyster Bar Marina and Restaurant where we docked for the night. We arrived at 5:20 and found a spot at the very end of the Eastern-most pier, as far as possible from the restaurant (just in case they had a band playing into the night).

Abby had to get up early this morning!

The first order of business after docking was to give Daisy a walk.

It was good to get docked with a little daylight left.

The Knot-So-Fast at the Oyster Bar Marina for the night.

Glenda says:
I am so glad to be back on the water!  We met Nathan, Nicole, Owen, Clay and Stephanie at Tacky Jacks for lunch.  We were a bit late.  The boat ramp under the bridge was very busy.  I parked the trailer and just walked up to Tacky Jacks and met Tom and Abby as they were tying up the boat.  Lunch was nice but I was anxious to be off.  Of course we had to make a quick turn around and catch Clay before he left with the truck because I left the ipad in the truck!  Finally we were on our way.  I sat on the back and enjoyed the sun and read my book.  We saw a couple of happy dophins, a hungry osprey and a large loon grooming himself.  Thats pretty good for a short day.  After a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich for supper we are ready to settle in for the night. 

Abby says:
Today was our first day on this trip. We had lots of fun (as usual), but today I mostly sat with Daisy. We`d go outside, it`d get too hot, then we`d go inside, it`d get too cold, then we`d go back outside....
 Anyway, when we got to the marina we saw a loon who was cleaning herself. she was really pretty. I had a good day, and I`m looking forward to the next one:)

Daisy says:
Today me and Abby mostly laid around. Then at the marina, I saw a GIANT BIRD!!!!!! (heron) and I yelled (barked), you look funny! Can I smell you???!!! Abby told me NO though, and I don`t know why. I had an over all good day though. I mean woof!

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