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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ft. Walton Sunday 3-17-13

Sunday 3-17-13

Last night was fairly peaceful except for a few boats that threw us a wake big enough to bang our tug against the dock. This had to be expected since we were directly alongside a narrow portion of the ICW. This morning we woke to a gorgeous sunrise and calm water. After breakfast we headed for Ft. Walton as the skies turned cloudy. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful as we crossed Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound. The sun made only brief appearances throughout the day. Luckily the only rain we ran into was a drizzle that only lasted about 15 minutes.
Daisy relased all day

Sunrise at Oyster Bay Marina

We passed several tow boats, most were pushing multiple barges

2 dogs playing on the beach

Pensacola Light House

Ft. Pickens

At the Boat Marina and Boat Yard, I was disappointed with the short finger piers and pilings which made it hard to get tied up in the wind. We did eventually get her secured, though, and went for supper at the Olive Garden, about ½ mile away.

The showers were another disappointment, but after all this is a working boatyard, and transient customers are not their main business.

We’ll look closely at the weather tomorrow before planning how and when we’ll head back to Gulf Shores.

 Glenda says:

Today we started the day with a nice breakfast of ham and eggs.  We enjoyed hot chocolate (I’m trying to cut back on the coffee) walked Daisy and headed out for the day.  Unfortunately it was cloudy and cool.  We did see a couple of dolphin playing and always a lot of loons.  I finished one of the 2 books I bought and Abby played on her iPad most of the day.  We arrived at the marina in Ft Walton around 5:00.  It was a little shabby to say the least.  Abby and I took Daisy out right away for a walk but we were met very quickly by a herd of guinea hens and pea-hens that seem to find us very fascinating.  I told Abby not to run but to walk quickly back to the boat.  Luckily Daisy was able to do her business on the run.  We found Keith, (he was taking care of things for the owner) he was very nice and gave us the courtesy “car” to go to eat at Olive Garden.  I was beginning to feel very wilted by that time but dinner was nice.  However inspection of the shower facilities when we returned gave me pause.  They were very questionable.  I was still going to brave it only to be informed by Keith that he had failed to get the pilot light for the hot water heater lit.  I must tell you I was very disturbed…however once again Keith came to the rescue and offered use of his own personal shower.  Needless to say Tom was not pleased when I agreed.  You know he is not the most trusting of people.  He escorted Abby and I into Keith’s apartment.  Keith escorted us into his shower and politely left his little apartment while Tom sat on his sofa and waited on us.  Well now we know what I will do to have a hot shower. 

Abby says:

Today I had a pretty good day. Again nothing too big really happened, and Daisy and I lay around again. Today though, it was cloudy and windy, so we mostly stayed inside. At the marina, we learned quickly they are fond of birds…they had everything but chickens. There were geese, ducks, guinea hens, pigeons, and even peacocks!!! As soon as we got there, we had to let Daisy go to the bathroom. We went around a corner only to be met by 3 peacocks! G.G. said to slowly turn and walk away. I didn’t want to walk though. I kept going though with Daisy to the boat. We got into the boat, and we turned and looked out the window. There we saw the 3 peacocks trying to find us. We all stayed quiet, and they went back where they came from. It was a little scary. Later we borrowed the courtesy car, and went to Olive Garden for dinner. When we were done G.G. and I inspected the showers… let’s just say not what I expected. Keith didn’t get the hot water running, and he felt so bad, that he offered us use of his personal shower. (Papa waited in the living room the whole time) After that experience, G.G. felt better, and I did too. Then we went back to the boat and walked Daisy again. This time the peacocks just stared at Daisy. We had an adventure today. I can only imagine tomorrowJ

Daisy says:

Today I lay in my bed all day. Then when we stopped, I saw these THINGS (peacocks) that looked at me like I was the weird one! Then there were some OTHER THINGS (guinea hens) that screamed at me. I am glad to be cozy back in my bed. I mean BARK!

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