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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Notes from our Delta Trip with Dani

We took the iPad on this trip, loaded with an app to write our blog posts. It worked pretty well, but would not allow us to add a caption to the pictures.

Tonight, back at home on my computer, I made a few additions and corrections to the posts we'd done on the iPad, and also added captions to the pictures.

If you looked at the blog posts for this trip prior to Wednesday night, March 26, please go back and look at the pictures again. They make a lot more sense with captions.

Also, I got some really good video of alligators and bald eagles on this trip. I can't get them to post directly to the blog, but over the next week or so I'll put them on youtube and put a link to them on the blog with a new post.

Our total trip distance for the four days was about 105 miles. The Knot-So-Fast ran perfectly during the whole time. I haven't filled the tank, but we ran pretty slow most of this trip, so I expect that we got over 12 miles to the gallon.

This is our fourth year of cruising with the Knot-So-Fast, and she is showing a little wear and tear on the topsides. After another trip or two this summer, I plan to rework the bulwark and cockpit, and add some storage in the cabin. Unfortunately, we can't magically make the boat bigger, which is what we really need. So....... sometime in the not-to-distant future, Glenda and I will have to make some decisions about buying or building a bigger boat.

Thanks for viewing our blog. We enjoy sharing our trips through it, and we REALLY love to hear your comments and feedback.


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