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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014 -- Mobile river delta day 2

Glenda says:
Woke up a little grumpy this morning.  Didn't sleep too good.  Had a little instant decaf that didn't help a whole lot either :). We tried to get in a little cruise before the rain arrived but didn't make it far before the rain got heavy.  While the rain was light my mood lightened just watching the steady drops of rain fall in the water, it really is beautiful.  We were moving along very slowly just enjoying the morning.  That gave us the chance to notice a hornets nest hanging in a tree.  We got some good photos of the nest before we turned back to the marina. It only rained for about an hour and a half, but we decided to stay at marina and do laundry.   We took a nice walk while we waited on the clothes. We drove up to Bay Minette and ate lunch at the Shrimp Basket. Wouldn't you know, I walk in and there are Jake and Jennifer Parker.  They were enjoying some quiet time without children.  We returned to the marina and got back out on the water by 2:00.  It was noticeably cooler.  No more sitting on the back enjoying the sunshine .  We really are enjoying the wildlife (I'm not just talking about Tom and Dani).  We saw turtles and a very large water moccasin.  I don't think I would survive if I fell in this water.  We also saw another alligator laying in the same spot as the day before.  I think this one was a little smaller though.  I'm not looking forward to the shower tonight since the air is so much cooler.  But I can handle it. Dani and I have decided that it is special if you can be a girly girl and still be tough. 

Dani says:
Last night I slept good.  The weather was sleepy weather.  I took Daisy for a walk this morning.   I've never seen a hornets nest before and first thing this morning I saw one.  Then it started raining and we had to come back.  While we were doing laundry I went to the park and after that papa made me a clover necklace.  It smelled good!  Then we ate at the shrimp basket.  I ate grilled fish and French fries. We came back to the marina and took a boat ride.  Today's topic was turtles and we saw some turtles.   We also saw a big snake.  We rode to the I65 bridge and went under it.  It was soooo cool.  After a while we saw a tug called Father Pat pushing 5 barges.  I saw an osprey too. Now we are cooking dinner.  Papa is grilling pork chops and me and GG made baked beans.  I can't wait to eat!

Pork chops, baked beans and chips. It doesn't get much better than this.

Our homeport for this adventure was the Mobile Delta Marina on Dead Lake, near Creola, AL

This hornet's nest was about 50' up in the trees.

We wanted to see his head, but he never moved. He was huge!

Jewelry for little girls isn't as expensive as it is when they grow up. Dani is modeling her clover necklace and crown.

Access by boat only. Old fishing and hunting cabins are found all through the delta.

I-65 Bridge over the Mobile River

Another view from Little Lizard Creek. Glenda told Dani it was called the Dolly Parton bridge because of her "big hair".

Much of the delta is a wildlife management area or owned by the "Forever Wild" program.

I double dog dare you to stick your hand in there!

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