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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day Four Bringing Dusty Weather Home - Sunday

We got off to a relatively late start this morning. I checked all the fluids, made sure the anchor windlass worked, pumped up the inflatable kayak, and made sure everything on deck was tied down, since we'd be on the Intra-Coastal Waterway before we stopped for the day. We pulled away from Calusa Jacks at about 10:30 and then had to wait at the Wilson Pigott bridge for the sailboat Gypsie Wind to catch up the bridge only had to open once to get us both under. There were no locks to go through today - the next time we have to do that will be in Alabama! 

(No, that's not a waterspout in the sunset photo from today- it was the window glass frame in the pilothouse.)

If yesterday seemed quiet as far as boat traffic was concerned, today made up for it a hundred-fold! I've never seen so many boats! We only did 49 miles today, but hopefully we can do better than that tomorrow.

Glenda says:
I think I must really be a country girl.  While the water near Ft Myers is beautiful the boat traffic was horrible.  It was hard for me to enjoy the ride with boats zipping all over the place.  We did see more dolphins and the large sea turtle today but we were probably the only ones cause everybody else was going too fast to see anything.  I was beginning to get anxious about anchoring out so I think Tom stopped earlier than he would have.  We got anchored securely after a couple of tries and ate the ribs we had left over from last night.  Then the unthinkable happens! My costa del Mars fell over board!! I am crushed!  😳 I can't see in the sun without sunglasses.  My wonderful husband insist he brought a spare pair.  My knight in shining armor as usually😍.   The little storm that blew up after that made me forget quickly about my sun glasses but it blew over and our little boat performed spectacularly!  The anchor held!  Just like the love of Christ.  

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