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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day three bringing "Dusty Weather" home. Saturday

The wind was calm when we woke this morning, and shortly after 7:00 we untied from the dolphins and idled to the More Haven lock - the first of three we went through today on our way to Calusa Jack's Marina outside Fort Meyers. As promised by several people, the river on this, the west side of the Okeechobee Waterway is more scenic than the East side. I've been surprised at the small number other boats in the waterway. I expected it to be crowded, but until we got close to the marina, there wasn't much traffic. We traveled  50 miles today, for a total of about 152 miles since leaving Fort Pierce. We got to the marina in time to do laundry, get groceries and eat some great BBQ before enjoying another beautiful South Florida sunset. (Somebody find my Jimmy Buffett CD).
Tomorrow we will head west toward the Gulf Intra-Coastal Waterway. 

Update on Daisy:
Daisy has taken quite well to the new boat as you can see.  She cannot negotiate the steps up to the pilot house so she sits at the bottom and cries until I take pity on her and bring her up.  We just have to remember to close the pilot house door or she comes out when are trying to get situated in the lock.  ( I'm sure she just wants to help). She really just wants to be wherever we are. 

Glenda says:
We really saw some beautiful scenery today!  I have neglected to tell you of all my animal sightings.  So far I have seen 2 alligators, lots of eagles, various water birds, ospreys and a beautiful swallow tail kite doing an aerial show.  Not to mention lots of cattle and these horses too.

This morning I finally figured out the old fashion camp coffee percolator and had a nice cup of coffee.  Yesterday I ended up with an empty pot and dry coffee, still not sure what I did wrong.  We were successful getting the boat undocked this morning.  I believe Tom actually did make it look easy.  We stopped at the Morehaven city dock for a few minutes.  Daisy still will not potty on the boat.  She will have to eventually.  I was tempted by a local garage sale, but decided I had no room on the boat for any treasure I might find.  We went through 3 locks today and while it still makes me uptight, I'm gaining confidence each time.  We went through 3 bridges that either lifted or swung open for us, and everybody we talked to was very nice.  Of course we got several " love your boat" from multiple people.  It still fun to take photos of some interesting ones we see.
We got to the marina about 3:30 and the managers have been wonderful.  We went to the laundry mat, Winn Dixie and Rib City.  He delivered us to all 3 and then gave us a dozen eggs from his chickens.  Ain't God good!

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