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Monday, May 25, 2015

New Boat !!!

For some time now we've known that we had outgrown the KnotSoFast. We wanted to take on longer trips and the grandkids were getting too big to sleep on the narrow bench. And both we and the grandkids really wanted to share our trips with other people, which just wasn't possible on the little tug. There just wasn't room, not to mention the port-pottie, no table to eat at, only a camp stove for a galley, etc. It worked for two people, but add a dog and a couple of teenagers and it got small really fast!

I considered building a bigger trawler, but in light of my recent medical issues, I decided that I just needed to buy a used one and get out on the water, instead of spending the next 5 years in the backyard.  So for the last few months we have been looking at used trawlers and motorsailers, but couldn't find exactly what we were looking for.

Then a month ago we talked with the owner of a 1969 36' Willard Pilothouse - one of only 5 such boats, and one of only two on the Eastern side of the US. Glenda, Abby and I drove down to see the boat and immediately fell in love with it. The owner had taken good care of her for over 20 years, and he graciously agreed to let us be the next owners.

We are driving down this week to begin the trip from SE Florida to Demopolis, where we will keep her while we repaint the bottom and do some minor upgrades. This will be about a 3 week, 900 mile trip home - by far the longest boat trip we've ever taken.

Whenever possible I'll post to this blog about out trip home. Then when I catch up on my to-do lists, I'll start a new blog dedicated solely to the new boat and swap the posts over.

Thanks to all of you who have followed the KnotSoFast travel blog for the last 5 years and 2400 miles. I hope you enjoy reading about the new boat too!

There is a place on the blog (right below the "Buy Abby's Book" tab), where you can enter your email and get the new posts sent to you automatically. That's a little easier than having to go to the blog to see if something new has been posted.


PS - I'll post pictures of the boat as soon as I can - probably in the next day or two.

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