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Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 16 bringing Dusty Weather home--June 12th

Other than the traffic noise from I65, we had a peaceful night in Little Lizard Creek. The only other boat we saw was a bass boat that came by just after dark. We pulled up both anchors and motored back down the creek to the main river about 6:30 this morning.

Most of today was cloudy, which held down the temperatures. In the afternoon,  a light rain made the ride somewhat gloomy, but we managed to keep moving for 13 hours, covering 79 miles at about 6 mph.

Dredging operation.

There were lots of tows pushing barges loaded with coal going to the Barry Steam Plant, and others with gravel, sand and such. The ones pushing coal barges typically pushed 8 barges - a line of two directly ahead of the tow, then three on either side. We also passed a large dredge operation, working to keep adequate depths in the river for all the barges. This massive movement of goods and materials is never seen if you don't see it from the water.
Barges being loaded with gravel.

Tomorrow we will transit the Coffeeville Lock, the first lock since we left the Okeechobee Waterway. Just above the lock is Bobby's Fishcamp, where we hope to sample their fried catfish at lunchtime. 

We've travelled a total of 925 miles since we left Ft. Pierce 15 days ago, and we have about 119 miles to go. Depending on whether we get delayed at either of the two locks between here and Demopolis, (or if we get delayed eating catfish), we should be at Kingfisher Bay Marina on Sunday evening or Monday.

For tonight, we are anchored in a wide, straight section of the river, 10 miles downstream of the Coffeeville Lock. Our coordinates are: N 31 32.775   W 088 00.206    
Here's the view downstream:

Leaving Little Lizard Creek.

Glenda says:
As we left Big Lizard creek we caught sight of the big fella that met us going in last night.  This time I can prove how big he was.  Look at that head!!!

We had a long day today but it wasn't too bad.  It started raining about 12 and rained the rest of the day.  This was the way it looked from the pilot house most of today.
But at least it was cool.  With the rain there were not very many boaters out. The river is peaceful and quiet.  I find the houses pique my curiosity.  You know there has got to be a story here.
While I was napping Tom got an excellent shot of this swallow tail hawk.  They really are amazing to watch.
Tom napped in the pilot house for a while and I took the wheel.  I know we are going to enjoy all our adventures on our new boat but for now I am ready to get home.  My daughter is right now at the hospital having a baby girl.  She was suppose to wait until we got home but you know how children are :)  We are anchored out in a wide spot on the river.  There are no sounds but the frogs, crickets and birds.  I'm trying to take a deep breath and learn how to " be still and know that I am God".  

Daisy update:  just suffice it to say I am annoyed with Daisy.

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