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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 18 Bringing Dusty Weather home June 14, 2015

Today we planned to be in Demopolis by dark, and we made it by about 15 minutes!
We got a late start this morning due to thick fog, and a strong current kept our speed down to about 6 mph, but we were able to get through the Demopolis lock without delay, and 3 miles later we pulled into Kingfisher Bay Marina and ended our 1040 mile trip.

The ride up the river today, about 69 miles, was sunny, but hotter than the last few days. There are very few distractions on this stretch of river, and it seemed fitting that our last day of the trip was here. We saw lots of alligators, a coyote, deer, and a wild hog, not to mention more swallow tailed kites!

Being a sunny Sunday, there were lots of families out enjoying the water and sandbar beaches, too.

These folks found a picnic spot just below the Demopolis dam.

We will spend one more night on Dusty Weather and in the morning I'll put her in a slip where we will begin some minor repairs and upgrades. Nathan will drive down to pick us up, so we can go to see our newest grand-daughter!

The trip has been an incredible one for both of us. And yes, we did step on each other's nerves a few times, but overall it has confirmed that we will enjoy longer trips on this larger, more capable and comfortable boat.

Daisy update:  Daisy has to work on knowing the appropriate place to potty.

Glenda says:
So much for getting an early start.  We got up about 5:30 and very quickly realized you couldn't see 100 feet in front of you.  The fog sat heavy on the water.  We went ahead and ate breakfast and waited.  The fog did not start moving off until around 8.  We got going about 8:20.  Sitting out on the front deck is very nice in the mornings. Today apparently was alligator day.  They were every where.  They were not laying quietly near the banks either.  They were swimming and rather quickly.  We saw at least 6 and 3 of those were swimming across the river.

Some people don't really like this part of the river.  They feel like there is not much to see but on the river the is always something to see, you just have to look for it!

I caught sight of this doe enjoying snack. 

And just when you think there is nothing interesting to see a wild hog steps out of the bushes and down to the water!  This is the first one of those we have seen. 

We finally motored into Demopolis about about 7:30.  I took photos of my favorite Demopolis sights from the river.  The old maseleum and the glover house on the bluff.  

I have loved my journey but I am glad to be going home.  I hope I can say that when its time for me to leave this earth!

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