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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day Two - Prairie Creek to Six Mile Creek

Docked at Prairie Creek Campground

Marvin and Belinda Roye's grandchildren visited us at Six Mile Creek Campground.
After lowering us 30 feet, the lock gates opened.

Tom says:

We travelled about 45 miles, through a lock and under the Edmund Pettus bridge!

Today was much different from yesterday. We had the river all to ourselves, and passed only about 8 or 10 other boats all day long!

The current below the dam was much faster than I expected, and we were travelling at about 8 mph most of the day. Yesterday at the same engine speed we were doing a between 6 and 6.5.

The scenery was beautiful again, and so far we haven't had any rain (it's 5:50PM now).

Prairie Creek was out of ice, and we were running low, so Marvin and Belinda Roye drove to Six Mile Creek park and resupplied us. A thousand thanks to them - ice goes fast in this heat.

Last night was dark, peaceful and not too hot on the boat - we slept good. Tonight we are a little closer to other campers, so we'll see.

The first photo is where we docked last night at Prairie Creek, and the second is where we are now.

Tomorrow we'll head downstream for Miller's Ferry Campground.

Glenda Says:

I told Abby the story today at Durand's Bend of some of the cooperation between some of the Creek Indians and early settlers of Alabama. It is really fun to imagine life as it may have been almost 200 years ago. It is nice to know that while God created all of this for his glory, we can bring him more praise by enjoying it.

Abby says:

Today we went through a lock. We went down about 30 feet! Daisy was curious when she heard the squeaking of the thing that we tied to. I think she liked it and will want to do it again. Daisy saw a fish jumping in the lock. I like this trip I can't wait to go through another lock! (and I don't think Daisy can either)

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  1. I camped a couple of nights at Six Mile Creek several years ago. It was raining buckets and the wind was blowing like crazy and I was in a small tent. The next morning I found out a severe thunderstorm had moved through and there were trees down all over the place.