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Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday afternoon

Must be a good spot!!
Railroad bridge.

High sandstone cliffs are gone now - banks are lower and mixed sand/rock.

It's hard to describe this beauty, and pictures can't convey how it looks in person!

Bear tracks!!

Glenda says:
We could not post last night. But yesterday was great! I saw a BEAR. Tom and Abby are not as commited as I am about watching the banks. I only saw his haunches as he hurried up the bank when he realized we were there. We went back and saw where he had be digging. I was so excited. I also saw a little raccon digging in the bank for mussels. He was not concerned with us. The different types of birds are interesting too. I havebeen so interested in the wildlife that I have not paid enough attention to the historical sites. We stayed at Issac's Creek last night and it was rather erie as we wound our way to the dock at dusk.

Abby says:
Today we went through the Clairborne lock. The water did not go down as much as the first lock. We saw a small snake in the water of the lock. He was yellow, green with black spots down to his tail. But we did not get a chance to see what kind he was.

Tom says:
Yesterday put us back on our original schedule because the current was so swift it let us go a little faster than planned. This gave us a bit of a cushion. Issac's creek was a little difficult because it was getting dark when we got there, but the park attendant was very helpful.

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