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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waiting at Miller's Ferry Lock and Dam

At the fuel pump, Miller's Ferry Marina

Beautiful home on the Alabama River.

Miller's Ferry Lock and Dam is closed for maintenance. It is scheduled to open today, and we were hoping that they might be ahead of schedule. No such luck - they say it won't be open until late today, or possibly tomorrow.  The good news is that we were aware of the closure ahead of time, and Nathan was already planning to bring my truck and trailer to Gulf Shores today. He will just detour through here and we'll pull the boat out at the marina, drive a couple of miles downstream past the dam to another ramp, and put her back in the water. Then we'll continue our trip, and Nathan will go on to Gulf Shores and wait on us there.

Glenda says:

Yesterday I saw a beautiful antebellum style home sitting on a bluff overlooking the river. Right now we are sitting here at Millers Ferry Marina waiting on Nathan to come so we can trailer the boat beyond the lock. It is closed for maintinence. The people here are very nice. We had a good night dispite the rain. Washed clothes and took a nice hot shower.

Abby says:

We are close to the lock that is closed. Last night me and GG saw a big rabbit. There are a lot of mayflys . There are so many on the lights it looks like fuzz

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