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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Day 5

Sunset on the Tensaw River.
There were lots of "shanty boats" along the river in the delta.

Entering the lock at Claiborne.

Leaving Issac Creek Campground

Glenda Says:

Wow I can't believe our trip is almost over! Today we got off to a good start from Issac's Creek. I watched a snake in the lock with us. He came too close to the boat to suit me. I sat on the back with the binoculars in hopes of seeing another bear, but saw a deer instead. Everything is just so beautiful. We can really tell a difference when we turn in the river in such a way that the wind is behind us. As long as the wind is coming toward us it is like a fan blowing all the time. We began to see river shanty's today. I could see no way for anyone to get to most of them by anything other than boat. Tom finally decided to take a chance and let us get out at a sandbar. Daisy and Abby had a good run. We've really had a long day. We ended up anchoring out, so for the 1st time we were not at a campground. Abby and I got to experience the "solar shower". About all it did was cool us off. Daisy really does not understand that she can not get off the boat to use the bathroom. I'm sure we will have to walk carefully in the morning. We are 1/2 mile off the Mobile River in the Tensaw River. The sunset was beautiful. I'm still struggling with the small space in the evenings, putting down beds and stowing away "junk". But I think this is something I can do more often.

Abby says:

We saw 42 white birds, 18 gray birds, 5 sparrow kites, 5 buzzards, 1 hawk, 1 snake, 1 deer, 2 turtles, 5 dragonflys, 1 fish, 1 duck, 1 loon, 29 butterflys and 9 boats, just today!!!

Daisy says: WOOF! WOOF!

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