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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning Day 6

Abby, Daisy and Glenda, enjoying the view from the cockpit.
Tomatoes - Abby's favorite food!

Tom says:

Last night was the first night we anchored out without being tied to a dock. There was no wind and the current kept us steady. I did worry about the anchor light not being high enough to be seen from the front of the boat so I taped some LED lights to the front of the cabin roof. Probably was not needed since we did not see another boat until daylight. We have slowed some and are taking our time. We are seeing more and larger cypress trees, and even though this is a commerical route and we are closer to Mobile it still seems isolated. We have seen very few other boats in the first 10 miles this morning.

Glenda says:

I did not sleep as well last night. I was concerned about difting even though Tom assured me the anchor would hold and we have an anchor alarm that would wake us if it didn't. Bless her heart, Daisy did not use the bathroom until about 6:30 this morning and only after we found a boat ramp we could stop at and let her off. She did not even make it to the grass. She is a wonder dog. The Mobile river is wider than most of the Alabama was. I am looking for alligators, bears and raccoons. Abby is too busy reading about birds to look for them!

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