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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3

Glenda Says:

God is love. Love is patient. I suppose I should try to be more like God and this trip is teaching me patience:) When it rains the boat gets really small! Most of today has been nice but it has now been raining for almost 3 hours. We saw Old Cahaba, a bald eagle, and lots of birds. Daisy is being a wonder dog and of course Abby is taking good care of her.

Abby says:

There was a storm today. I sat in the chair and Daisy got in my lap because she was curious about the storm. But afterward Daisy liked it. I said I wanted to see one white heron at the beginning of the trip but I have ended up seeing about twenty of them. It has rained a lot today. I hope it won't rain anymore! We saw a bald eagle today and that was only the second time I have every seen one. This is a lot of fun!

Tom says:

Highlight of the day was the bald eagle. Looks like we skirted the bad storm and only got the rain.


  1. Cool about the bald eagle. Sorry about the rain.

  2. So glad that you are having fun! Hopefully the rain will stay away for the rest of the week!